Tuesday, May 4, 2010

where do wildflowers grow?

in my garden, the weeds tangle,
ivy-colored veins seek to kiss and
prick hollow places:
behind my knees,
my folded envelope,
where my elbow curves,
my arm up, small fist at my throat
softcrushes the helpless well of my
throat where secrets hide- waiting
to spill between my lips or if too
painful or too weak, once again
they'll burrow deep into my soul.



Bikram said...

hey first time here.. I could not get the whole jist of it but .. Ivy's are good plants.. and there are a lot of weeds which are beautiful :)

Toi said...

...there are beautiful weeds. thanks B.

Anonymous Someone said...

Notion is too good,and nice comparison with the veins of leaf.

Shas said...

Interesting secret keeper :)

Toi said...

i press flowers & a leaves and the veins
always fascinate me...thanks anonymous someone.

Toi said...

thnaks, shas...cool name.