Thursday, June 3, 2010


Obsession Haibun ~

His hands write theories of future heartbreak,
{for one of us} as my sweetened flesh pales in
abject acquiescence; my heart won't budge
within this clean obsession circling around his
nimble ways of other love. ..

I entered your dreams
felt all you said and believed
sharpened by your words



Anonymous Someone said...

Heart is stubborn, it refuses to let in any propositions that can hurt it. This is the best thing about the heart, it hopes, when there cannot be any.

Beautiful artwork Toi


Blasphemous Aesthete

ThomG said...

Toi, your writing is so sentual and real. I very much enjoy it. "His hands write theories of future heartbreak" is such a great line.

Rebecca said...

Is there such a thing as a clean obsession? I wonder. I like that you wrote it that way. This is an interesting little write. I had to come check out your blog after you made a visit to mine.

Peace to you.


Toi said...

You are so right, Anonymous, the heart is
stubborn, even when she tells herself she
is closed to love, deep within that one
chamber, she is eternally open.

Toi said...

And you are so kind to me Thom. I don't write
unless there is some echo within my spirit,
that needs to come forth.

Toi said...

For me, a clean obsession is clean, when I feel
like a beautiful instrument, vital, full of
self-awareness and deep love for someone.

Love your visit, Rebecca.

Cinderella said...

I cant get over your concluding lines. Haunting. Probing.

Nimble...such a delightful word.
Love your blog. So glad you dropped by.

Jane Doe said...

This piece is fantastic. So well written, the words dance across the page, tantalizing you with all that is said and left unsaid.

Toi said...

I had a childhood friend named
cinderella, she was so sweet and kind, and
when I saw your name all those memories
came flooding back.
your blog is spiritual and smart
thanks for stopping in, cinderella.

Toi said...

and I am dancing now Jane, you generous
comments have thrilled this poet's heart,
thanks so very much.

one more believer said...

beautiful obsession..

Toi said...

ahhh...beautiful obsession...thanks 1more.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Your poem is evocative. Your blog is lovely. In thanks here is a haiku I wrote for my historical fantasy. May it some small way express my gratitude for your blog :

Dreams drift like clouds,
I reach to touch the moon,
I grasp but empty night.

Have a healing week, Roland

Toi said...

dear roland, your response is heartwarming
and thrilling.

and thank you for this lovely haiku.