Sunday, May 23, 2010


Ophelia Revisited

the flesh dreads the unwelcomed parting
of your lips, memorizes the feel of cool
water kisses, a first: water igniting fire.

i dread the curving bough i've become
beneath your hands, breaking at the
hint of your breath along the spine of
my yawning need. my body grasps not
just your body but your entire being,

as a small child eager to be feed.
and i realize much is asked for in
pacifying my mad fears, which have
become as sand in my life, and i've

come to dread singing out your name
while forgetting my own {i love you}
with tinfoil bright crying eyes, my soul
quivers, a leaf on the highest bough.



ThomG said...

This is at once sexy and full of emotion. I really like your style.

Toi said...

maybe i do have a style evolving. thanks for
the encouragement, thom.

Carina said...

Very vivid imagery and creative words.

Anonymous Someone said...

This poem shows the emotion of a first love. Its beautiful.

A Cuban In London said...

'water igniting fire'. There's a reversal of roles I oould get used to. I'm water (Scorpio) and love playing with fire. :-)

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Toi said...

carina, thanks so much.

anonymous someone, thanks for feeling
the emotion.

for sure, scorp. thanks.

Stu Pidasso said...

love, desire, yearning, romance....all of it. It is what has brought me back to the light from the darkest of dark worlds. I can't get enough poetry written about the feelings of completeness. This is a good write.


Toi said...

stu, isn't it the truth? desire, romance,
yearning & love will pull us back from

thanks a bunch!

Jane Doe said...

An alluring piece, full of passion and emotion.

Toi said...

jane, hello and thanks.

- The Virgin Author! said...

What a way to express your emotions. Seductive! :)

Toi said...

thanks, for the thrilling response, VA.

Nita-Karoliina said...

This is amazing. I have always wanted to write poems etc.. but i just dont have the talent. You obviously have it!


Toi said...

oOooo...Nita-Karoliina, what a lovely name.
i just write what my heart tells me to, and
often certain words will spark a hidden
desire to address a particular subject.

thanks so much, nita- karoliina.

bard said...

I admire the way you weave metaphor and analogy in this one.

Toi said...

thanks, very much bard.