Saturday, June 12, 2010


In dawn's white mourning...

I find myself to be a liar with intentions clearly unnoble:
stealing the waitresses' pen last night because it was so,
silvery, water trickling between her fingers and my
boyfriend pupils so large as he looked at her through his
lying eyelashes; chichi, her name, is one of those girls
I want to be - smooth and fuckable as a mermaid. I just had
to have something she touched. you see hidden in some messy
little corner of my mind are thoughts that roam like a dazed
gypsy, dirty secrets beyond boundaries judiciously set in
place, vile acts waiting to be hatched.



Anonymous Someone said...

Its intrinsic to human nature, isn't it? For someone to be ours and just ours, for whom we would be anything, anyone, just to have him/her near?
Nice read Toi.


Cinderella said...

Oh my. I would die to be this expressive in abandon, dropping all guards.

"...dirty secrets beyond boundaries judiciously set in place."

Loved the composition Toi.

Rebecca said...

Jealousy can be sexy and bring out the best in us, so sometimes it's good to be a bit envious. This is hot. I love it.

Toi said...

It is a deep desire A.S. a desire in each of us,
even if some try to hide it, thanks A.S.

Toi said...

Being expressive is the only way, for me, for my
spirit to acknoweledged and free. And poetry is
the provides the perfect setting.
Thanks, Cinderella.

Toi said...

You know Rebecca, you're the first person who
I've ever heard say or admit that. Jealousy can
keep us honest, turn the volume up on own "game"
and be sexy. You're so right and honest. Thanks.

Rebecca said...

Hey, Toi - I sent you an email to your gmail account you have listed on your profile on blogger here. Did you get it? Just wondering because I had not hear back from you.

Peace to you. :)

Rebecca said...


Toi said...

psst...sent you an email, Rebecca.

Rebecca said...

Got your email, but you must not have received my first one. I asked if I could link you on my blog... but I am going to assume that is ok, so I did. :) If not, let me know and I'll remove it.

Toi said...

oh! you're right, I didn't see the first email.
and, please do link me - thanks, Rebecca.

bard said...

Deviantly delicious!

Toi said...

wonderfully wow-ed, thanks, bard.

Jane Doe said...

This is delightfully expressive and vivid! Amazing writing.