Saturday, May 15, 2010


Weightless Love

~ I want to ignore the late night phone calls.
Birthing fear inside my heart. My forgiveness
rises again, a weed beneath the pavement.
Hold the cold stone in the cool night air. I see
stars behind your eyes and I become weightless
in love. Watering crushed white roses, found
at my door, your name written upon a smudged

Again beneath you, heavy upon my body and soul
this physical forgiveness finds me soft. You ignore
my cries and whimpers, crush me with feeling.
This is what you return for - murmurs of hurt
just beneath the surface of your hands.

A doll limp waiting to be used in something we
need to call Love.



ThomG said...

This has a cool detachment to it. Fantastic writing. Really glad you've been up to the challenge of 3WW.

Peaceful Pandemonium said...

This is fantastic Toi. Thank you for your post. i love the feeling and rhythm!

Meagan said...

Toi, your words take me by the hand intrigued wanting more.


Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, very well written.

Toi said...

I know, Thom, I feel as if this experience
was like a dream, with me watching myself, thX

Peaceful, thX - have a good night.

Take my hand Meagan, I have so much to express.

Andy, Hi!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Oh, I love this line:

< My forgiveness rises again, a weed beneath the pavement >

Amazing. I know this "underneath the pavement" place.

Carina said...

An interesting visual, cleverly made!

Toi said...

ohmyGod julie, that one line just says it
all for me and that place that claimed me.
thanks for understanding.

Toi said...

thanks, carinacarina.

Shas said...

Intrigued by your thought and words :)

Toi said...

shas, good ... please keep reading me. thanks.

Cinderella said...

A doll limp waiting to be used in something we need to call love.

Splendor spun in the finest yarn of words.