Monday, August 16, 2010


Midsummer Love

Why does my heart still smile at your tender jokes? This desire
for my jasmine-scented skin offers no leverage after our night-
time loving for the afterglow quickens with each moon passing;
and the water you draw from my well, alas, is not the sweet
remedy hoped for, for this sinking cause.



rainboy said...

afterglow quickens with each moon passing... wow.

don't let them run you dry...
lovely piece

take care

Anonymous Someone said...

love once granted is like an addiction.
How could any sweetness substitute its want?

Another one, erotic with a different appeal.
Keep it up.

MichaelO said...

This beautiful poem is full of both sensuality and sadness. Very moving!

anadependiente said...

I love this! I'm from Argentina, did not speak much English, but I understood. kiss

Toi said...

Hi there rainboy - cute name.
Thanks, no I won't run dry.

Toi said...

You're so right A.S. love once
granted may easily become a
sweet addiction. Thanks.

Toi said...

Hi Micheal O. thanks for your
kind words.

Toi said...

Hello Ana, and a wonderful welcome
to you. I'm so glad you enjoyed
this poem. Please return.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful...

Toi said...

come in alone {luv} O, thanks,
thanks very much.

Toi said...

come in alone {luv} O, thanks,
thanks very much.

bard said...

Fantastic poem! Now I'm trying to imagine jasmine-scented skin...

Shaz S said...

Hey Toi,
This is Shaz from Blue Jasmine. You have an amazing blog here. You words are so sensuous and fluid with just the proper mix of darkness. Love it!!!

RYN: No, I havent read Swan Song or Sand and Fog yet, but definitely on my to-read list. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Love, Shaz.

christopher said...

When I first started blogging I developed a habit of leaving poems behind as I visit and am pleased. I mean no offense nor do I have some kind of sinister motive. Instead, it is just that I am a poet. It's what I do. Someone called me Johnny Applepoem.

Thank you for your words. They inspire me.

The Best Of It

I found your song, found
a stone in my shoe, grass stains
on my torn out knees.

I shall continue to weed
this garden despite my pains.

For all it falls short
love is still the best of it,
the doorway, the bloom.

Toi said...

bard,'s not too hard to
imagine jasmine-scented skin.

Toi said...

shaz, hi, thanks a bunch of yellow
tulips for your sweet words.

anyone into books as much as you
are is tops in my books {pun intended}

you have an amazing blog.


Toi said...

christopher, thanks for the
pretty poem.

newaverock said...

Follow! follow! follow!

Cinderella said...

If love was a cause sunk...remedy never stood a chance, addiction sways you too far and too high.

I think I have never before read a more delicious concoction of 3WWWs than here.

You're genius.

Cinderella said...

Intelligensia went private, if you could give me your email id, I'd love to send you an invi.

Toi said...

newaverock - hi.

Toi said...

cinderella - hi. your comment is
perceptive and addiction to someone
is dangerous.

sure. i'll send you my email.

Khadeeja Z. said...

beautiful. just awesome.

Nadege said...
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Toi said...

Khadeeja, thanks for the wonderful